Bbarts is committed to offering an excellent brain injury service in the community, by offering well coordinated, multidisciplinary brain injury team support.

Bbarts is committed to maintaining its excellent communication with those involved in the care of patients in the community.  We ensure regular professional meetings and case conferences at our premises, for case reviews and to communicate our findings and progress with Brain Injury Case Managers and referrers.

Bbarts will, together with a Brain Injury Case Manager and the patient, agree on the rehabilitation goals, appropriate measures to monitor progress, intervals of progress reports, and prioritise contingency planning to ensure ongoing, smooth and seamless delivery of community brain injury rehabilitation programmes.

Members of Bbarts will attend meetings in the community and at patient’s homes arranged by Brain Injury Case Managers, and we are able to offer support over a wide geographical area in Kent.

Through our training programmes we also offer support to Carers and those involved in the support of those with brain injury.

We are happy to work with any professional involved in the support of patients in the community who have suffered a brain injury or patients on units/rehabilitation facilities.
Bridgeford Brain Injury Assessment, Rehabilitation and Treatment Service